Scarab Arms will be making their own version of the First Strike Paintballs: Scarab Rounds.

Scarab Arms has posted photos of their new First Strike Paintball competitor. They are attempting to make a better First Strike by improving the rifling, and making the shells more fragile by adding break points to the tips. You can see the frangible ridges in the photo above.

Here are the goals laid out by Scarab on their Facebook Page:

1. We have a smooth surface (no external protruding nipple).

2. Internal serrated cap for better fragmentation upon impact at lower velocities.

3. Improved aerodynamics and rifling enhancing range and accuracy.


It will be interesting to see how Tiberius reacts, as these Scarab Rounds are almost identical in appearance and purpose. I won’t lie, though, I’d love to see more accessibly priced rifled rounds. I think 15-20 cents each is a reasonable goal to work towards. They are the single most advantageous aspect of mag-fed play, which I believe is going to be huge in the game. That’s another article altogether.

Here’s the preview video for the TGR2, which is being designed to fire the rifled Scarab Rounds.

Here’s another quote from Scarab’s Facebook page:

Hey guys, hope you all having a good day!

1. Top right is a first strike the protruding nipple does cause some problems however we went around that with certain features in the TGR2 components.

2. This is the Scarab Round Gen 1 design and I don’t wanna disappoint u but we will not be releasing this as we mentioned in our earlier post, however we will be releasing the Scarab Round Gen2 in 2013. Although we believe that the gen1 has better trajectory properties compared to the FS we are looking for much more hence the Gen2.

3. The serrations do make the round fragment at lower velocities.

4. The rifling is different

5. Pricing will be announced as soon as gen2 is ready but I assure you we will price it so that it’s affordable as much as our cost allows us too we want as many players to get into Milsim and the last thing we wanna do is make it financially impossible for players to purchase regularly.

I hope I didn’t miss anything ;)

Here’s the internal view of the Scarab Rounds, and a photo of the TGR2, their milsim magfed paintball marker.

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